Harga Softlure

Harga softlure (umpan buatan/ artifisial) terbuat dari sejenis karet yang lembut)


Hinomiya Rubber Frog

Hinomiya yang dikenal akan umpan – umpannya yang sangat inovatif kembali mengeluarkan varian…

Rp 45.000


Okuma J-FG-A100

Lure can be used in areas that are predatory fish because it…

Rp 50.000


Keitech Swing Impact FAT

Fat body with strong swimming action. Swing Impact FAT attracts the fish tremendously. It can…

Rp 64.000


Keitech Shad Impact

Good shad shape, amazing roll action and our special 2-tone technology. Shad Impact is the…

Rp 50.000


Reins Rockvibe Shad

Rein’s Rockvibe Shad utilizes a thick body, a ringed tail section that ends in a paddle.  The…

Rp 63.000


Reins Bubbling Shad

The Rein’s Bubbling Shad offers a great tail action as it drops thru the water, or when reeled…

Rp 65.000


Reins G-Tail Grub FAT

Rp 66.000


P-Line Bottom Fish Grubs

The Bottom Fish Grubs are rigged with two 4.25 inch hook tail grubs which are glued on to 7/0…

Rp 33.000


P-Line Kick’R Minnow

The Kick’R Minnow is one of the most versatile soft plastic, scented, hand poured, minnow…

Rp 67.000


P-Line Kick’R Grub

The Kick’R Grub is a 6 inch hook tail worm with a paddle at the tip of the tail. What the…

Rp 67.000


P-Line Sunrise Squid

The P-Line Sunrise Squid is the perfect bait for a number of different species.

Rp 37.000


Reins Semi Daddy Frog

Use Semi frog at the overhang trees and on the weed. It was developed to cover areas of hiding…

Rp 147.000


Reins Semi Frog

Use Semi frog at the overhang trees and on the weed. It was developed to cover areas of hiding…

Rp 125.000


Hinomiya Konahead

Hinomiya kini meluncurkan umpan Konahead terbarunya. Dengan tekstur karet dan warna yang…

Rp 29.000


D&K Froggy Lure

Rp 33.000