Harga Joran Casting

Harga joran pancing casting untuk casting dari berbagai merk seperti Maguro, Shimano, Daiwa dan lain-lain dari yang mahal sampai yang murah.

Shimano Bassterra

Harga joran pancing casting Shimano Bassterra

Dirancang untuk mampu melawan tarikan dari bermacam ikan, Mulai dari ikan yang bertenaga…

Rp 1.451.000

Maguro Odyssey

Harga joran pancing casting Maguro Odyssey

Maguro Odyssey lahir dari sebuah usaha Maguro untuk menciptakan…

Rp 467.000

Shimano Bassterra AX New

Harga joran pancing casting Shimano Bassterra AX New

Ringan dan sangat kuat, Bassterra AX memamerkan karakteristik dari spec ideal Joran Casting….

Rp 1.592.000

Shimano Speedmaster BX Spinning

Harga joran pancing casting Shimano Speedmaster BX Spinning

Rubber swimbaits have been known to catch fish under any conditions! Either your preferred…

Rp 1.479.000

Major Craft Volkey

Harga joran pancing casting Major Craft Volkey

We put the latest spec into the cool and stylish exterior. Everything makes your mind…

Rp 2.376.000

Major Craft Basspara

Harga joran pancing casting Major Craft Basspara

The stylish grip design. The clear deep blue blanks against the field. Basspara satisfy our…

Rp 1.044.000

Major Craft Go Emotion Basic Series

One year passed from the debut. Go.Emotion made many impression as a standard bass rod. Their…

Rp 1.577.000

Maguro Extreme BC

Harga joran pancng Maguro Extreme BC

Sekali lagi, Maguro Extreme mengeluarkan berbagai variannya. Kali ini khusus untuk anda…

Rp 694.000

Maguro Attract


Dengan teknologi X-Spiral Carbon Tape dan FULL FUJI GUIDE, Maguro Attract tampil percaya diri…

Rp 655.000

Major Craft Go Emotion 4Piece…

Harga joran Major Craft Go Emotion 4Piece...

Meet up with bass. It’s truly “Treasure evey encounter, for it will never recur”. “If I have a…

Rp 1.765.000

Valley Hill Buzztriks RB Packer

Harga joran Valley Hill Buzztriks RB Packer

A more familiar, the casual bass fishing. In concealed Innovation Choro the lure into a single…

Rp 2.098.000

Major Craft Corzza

Harga joran Major Craft Corzza

The flexible blank make it possible to cast far. Let the rod do the work. Then we can reduce…

Rp 2.598.000

Maguro Classic

Harga joran Maguro Classic

Bagi anda pecinta Wild Fishing, kini hadir seri terbaru Rod Maguro “Maguro Classic”. Dengan…

Rp 383.000

Shimano Alivio CX

Harga joran Shimano Alivio CX

This new model also has the addition of Geofibre which makes the rods even more responsive and…

Rp 693.000

Shimano Nexave CX

Harga joran Shimano Nexave CX

A slim and lightweight blank, with attractive colour graphics and a very affordable price are…

Rp 944.000

Shimano Bassterra XT New 2015

Harga joran Shimano Bassterra XT New 2015

Untuk semua anglers yang mencari Joran dengan sentuhan Pro, Bassterra XT New hadir untuk anda….

Rp 1.332.000