Micro Guide Trigger Rods

Micro Guide Trigger Rods − When the fish have lockjaw and you really have to work for every bite, this is your rod. We took our popular CarbonLite™ Original Trigger Rod and shot its sensitivity right through the roof! We’ve replaced the original guideset with extreme-high tech Pac Bay micro guides–11 perfectly-calibrated, stainless steel guides plus tiptop, all with hard Hialoy inserts. These tiny guides precisely focus the flow of your line, eliminating slap and greatly increasing vibration transmission. And with all possible excess weight trimmed away, you get an almost superhuman sense of feel. So if that fish so much as breathes on your bait … Give it a try!



Micro-Guide-Trigger-Rods-2 micro-guide-trigger-rods

  • Ultra-rich carbon fiber blank
  • Extreme-high tech Pac Bay micro guides
  • Split handles
  • Advanced P-Tec polyfoam grips
  • Super-light two-piece Soft Touch reel seat is bridgeless